What software is used at this website?

The Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery website uses the Joomla content management system (CMS).  The Joomla software manages the obituaries, news articles, and the menus.  It generates the HTML code and is managed through a menu-based system.  The template used throughout the system is JS Alasse, available at JoomlaShack.

The photos are managed with a web-based system, Google's PicasaWeb.

The Grave Search and Photo Search are a custom-written applications by the webmaster.  They use the PHP language, XML calls and the MySQL database.

The host service is JustHost.  JustHost provides the Linux server, Apache web server, MySQL database, Joomla and other free utilities through cPanel.  We moved the website to JustHost in March 2011 and have experienced great customer support and better performance at a lower cost than our old provider.  www.friendsofsilverbrook.org has been in operation since May 2007.