Walters family served their country

Will there ever be a world without war? A naive question, we suppose.

We watch national and international news flooding our television screens and newspapers each day. Our focus is regularly distracted by the horrors of war and the sacrifices it commands. Or is it?

The danger with the massive amount of data that bombards our lives through the visual medium of television, our newspapers and even bleeping its way into our day through our computers and cell phones, is that we become numb. If you ever feel a need for a reality check, we invite you to spend a pleasant morning, afternoon or evening taking a stroll through Silverbrook Cemetery.

In the peace and quiet of the resting place of our predecessors, one cannot help but notice the graves of so many who fought for our right to take that walk. Looking at the individual gravesites, one becomes increasingly more aware of families who still wait for the safe return of those who fight to protect our freedoms today.

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Published August 22nd, 2009