Reddick family were early Entrepreneurs

Today, working in a global economy is something we take pretty much for granted.

When John B. Reddick traveled from Germany to Niles in 1831 to engage in the clothing business, little did he know his son would one day create a business with considerable trade exported to England and Australia.

Reddick married Nancy Emmons of Kentucky in 1832 and they had three children: Louise, John L. and William A. Louise, born in 1834, married Mahlon A. Smith of Coldwater in 1858 and gave birth to Carmi R. Smith in 1862. Her son went on become a member of the State Legislature from Berrien County Second District in 1898.

Smith served as mayor of Niles in 1903 for a short period then resigned. He was also postmaster and continued his political aspirations in 1924 as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

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Published August 23rd, 2008