Isaiah Carberry's stone sports a draped urn

Genealogy research often uncovers as many questions as it does answers. So it is with this look at Isaiah Carberry.

The stone that majestically sits in Silverbrook Cemetery suggests some power and prestige. Its heavy base holds several layers of symbolism such as that we previously explored.

Some we can identify; others remain a mystery.

There is a magnificent draped urn atop the monument.

Cremation was an early form of preparing the dead for burial. In some periods, especially classical times, it was more common than burial. The shape of the container in which the ashes were placed may have taken the form of a simple box or a marble vase such as that depicted here, but no matter what it looked like it was called an "urn," derived from the Latin uro, meaning "to burn."

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Published July 12th, 2008