Bonine family still attracts attention

While many stories surround the Bonine family perhaps none are more fascinating than those of the medical duo Dr. Evan J. Bonine and his son, Dr. Frederick N. Bonine.

Dr. Evan was the son of Isaac and Sarah Bonine the Quaker couple we met in an earlier story. He was born when his parents were living in Richmond, Ind., Sept. 10, 1821 and after school, began practicing medicine in the office of Dr. J. Prichet of Centerville, Ind.

After three and one half years there, he moved to Michigan settling in Cassopolis and carried out an extensive practice. The History of Berrien County states that he did leave and go to California in 1849, but returned and settled in Vandalia, in 1851.

Dr. Evan was a politically active individual and while in Vandalia he also served as postmaster and as a member of the legislature. In 1858, he moved to Niles.

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Published April 11th, 2009