Funeral for well-loved man

Orphaned at a young age, he had earned the respect of a nation and those at home in Niles. His widow brought home his remains.

In the early days of February, Niles prepared for his return by train. This man had won the hand and heart of Isabella, the daughter of Major William Graves – one time the town's mayor and treasurer and former Democratic Secretary of State of Michigan – before the war of the rebellion. Now he was to be buried in the same Silverbrook Cemetery plot as his esteemed father-in-law shortly before Valentine's Day 1891.

General and Mrs. Morrow had made Niles their home for many years and had spent many of the General's leaves of absences here.

Committees were forming to pay respect to General Henry A. Morrow. The life-time military man had passed away at Hot Springs, Ark. Current Mayor O.W. Coolidge had received a telegram from Captain C. A. Williams asking that an "elegant floral offering from officers of General Morrow's regiment be arranged for."

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Published February 13th, 2009