We owe these historians: The Ballards

As we continue to do our small part in preserving our area’s history, we truly appreciate those who kept the records and passed on the stories before us.

Ralph and Mary Huston Ballard are two former Nilesites to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. Not only did they record a great deal of the written history of their day, but they respected those who preceded them enough to play a large role in the creation of the Fort St. Joseph Museum.

Ralph Ballard was born July 5, 1870 at the family home on Ballard Hill, M-60 west of Niles. He lived there until 1945 when he purchased their home at 742 Broadway St. in the city.

His wife was born Feb. 28, 1874 in the Huston family home at the corner of Elm Street and St. Joseph Avenue. They married in the fall of 1891. This was a union of two well-matched individuals who shared a love of the land and their community.

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Published March 29, 2010