Banker saved Niles 1870's carriage industry

Today many businesses are in serious trouble. We think of it as a 2009 problem; however; throughout history a variety of issues like wars, poor economies and even progress has threatened the livelihood of many of Niles' citizenry.

Such was the case with a business begun in 1872 by gentlemen named Rice, Lambert and Griffith. They erected a building in which they manufactured wagons, buggies and carriages. The team had invested $28,000 in real estate, buildings and machinery.

The History of Berrien, Van Buren Co's MI by D.W. Ensign &Co. in 1880 says "the financial difficulties of 1873 caused a discontinuance of the business."

In a New York Times article of October 14, 2008 writer Jennifer S. Lee wrote: "In trying to make sense of recent events, a historian at the College of William and Mary has argued the crisis is not unlike the Panic of 1873, when rampant real estate speculation culminated in a credit crunch, and banking failures that led to broad panic in the stock markets. That crash lasted more than four years."

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Published May 16th, 2009