Youthful dreams lost at sea

What an adventure it might have been!

Even in today's shrinking globe, what young woman freshly graduated from secondary school would not tremble with excitement at the prospect of an ocean trip to continue her studies abroad? Imagine how thrilled Anna Eisner, 19, of Niles must have been as she prepared for the trip of her life.

However, it takes little imagination to feel the deep sorrow of her parents when the large slab, engraved in both English and German was first laid across the large, horizontal vault – her final resting place – in Silverbrook Cemetery less than three months after her adventure was to begin.

The young woman described in the Niles Republican of June 24, 1875, as "one of the brightest as well as one of the most modest and unassuming young ladies of her class," never got to begin her European classes. Her ship never docked.

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Published April 26th, 2008