Early communications were their specialty: The Hustons

In the 1800s communication was a big deal. Though we are privileged to have a potpourri of 21st century communications methods at our fingertips, during those early days of the Michigan Territories pioneers were basically limited to two: in-person and by mail.

The Huston family facilitated both of these.

Amanson Huston came to the area in 1828 as an Indian trader and peddler. He must have seen the potential of what he found here as by May 1829 he had opened the first hotel in Niles.

The tavern known as Council House, was originally a log house owned by William Justice. A framed addition was completed by Henry Drew in 1830 on the east part of the log cabin that was the bar room. The addition served as the first courtroom in Berrien County.

Many accounts exist attesting to the building serving the community as a great meeting place. A document outlining the historic significance of the building at 224 North Front St., which was eventually known as the John B. Reddick building, tells of a momentous community event held July 4, 1830.

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Published March 31, 2010