The 2010 Annual Cemetery Walk on Sept. 18

The Annual Cemetery Walk at Silverbrook Cemetery will be held on Saturday, 1-3 pm on September 18th. 
Tour Guide, Carol Bainbridge, Director, FSJM, in conjunction with the Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery, will start the tour at 1 p.m. at the main entrance/office building.
Featured historical figures to be highlighted:
Edward M. LaPierre:  Armed robbery still intriguing today: There's a certain story that has been told, that Edward LaPierre was anguished about the possibility of the rogues returning for revenge. It was nearly 15 years to the day since the foiled robbery that LaPierre's dead body was found on the top steps on the north side of the cemetery.

Obed Pierpont Lacey: "By His spirit and enterprise, in a great measure, Niles has been built up into a flourishing village." Among the pioneers of Niles, the name of Obed P. Lacey stands out as one of the tiny village of three inhabitants to the city of around 13,000 people today. Lacey was born in Ohio in 1810 and was 18 years of age when he moved to the site of Niles in Michigan Territory.

Dodge Brothers: Niles is the native home of John and Horace Dodge, automobile pioneers who founded the Dodge Automobile Company, which later became part of the Chrysler Corporation. The brothers were rich and famous when they returned to Niles on August 8, 1913 to visit their mother's grave in Silverbrook Cemetery.A Star reporter asked one of the brothers to what they attributed their success "Having been born in Niles" was the reply.

Jeppe and Fannie Delano: They were featured performers with the Peak family of Swiss Bell Ringers, a locally-based Vaudeville unit. Romance flourished under the spotlight and in 1872 they walked down the aisle of the Trinity Episcopal Church while William Peak strummed his harp.

John Gipner: Gipner was born in Germany in 1861. An experienced gardener was hired by the M.C.R.R. to prepare for when the newly-built depot in Niles opened in 1892 for passengers traveling to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Each lady passenger was given a bouquet as a reminder of her train travels and a sweet reminder of Niles: hence our beautiful city is spoken of happily throughout the land.

Hunter Bothers: Henry and Lemont Hunter of Fond du Lac, WI moved to the Niles area in 1898 to engage in the wholesale manufacturing of ice at Barron Lake where they purchased 22 acres on the northwest shore. In 1914, Hunter Ice and Ice Cream Company formed to take over the retail operation. Their ice cream and dairy operation were noted for the purity of their products. They produced 400-500 gallons per day, any flavor, and could be molded in various shapes.

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